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no life queen ♛

Registered Space Cadet

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Available Pulls
me 2
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Let's Bargain?!
comment here/email me what pulls you want and what you'll give me in exchange!

July 6 - 16 Pulls Remaining/21 Total

Taken: jungkook, mv-crayon, yooara, photo-bluelove, sp-chaelincl

July 12 - 2 Pulls Remaining/8 Total
ladiescode, mv-jackpot, tasty, photo-theweekend, mv-onlyone, mv-delicious

August 9 - 4 Pulls Remaining/9 Total
mv-a, mv-yasisi, photo-shyboy, jiwon, photo-fivetreasurebox

August 16 - 4 Pulls Remaining/14 Total
mv-change, mv-fxxkyou, mv-getup, mv-goingcrazy, mv-misskorea, photo-fallinl, sp-blobyblo, photo-ceciblues, photo-sweetrendezvous, photo-hush

August 23 - 6 Pulls Remaining/14 Total
youngjaegot7, photo-ignition, mv-rocking, mv-howdoilook, photo-jyjmagazine03, sp-strongchan, mv-wildeyes, sp-frankkyuhyun

August 30 - 3 Pulls Remaining/9 Total
mv-screamjv, mv-shesmine, mv-thegrasshoppersong, mv-janus, rise, ryeowook

September 6 - 6 Pulls Remaining/8 Total
mv-fullmoon, royalpirates

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Hi, it's Mirabel.
Could I get yerin06 from the 26th for my mv-mine17?

and for you

Thank you! ♥

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