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no life queen ♛

Registered Space Cadet

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[sticky post]Heartchu Get You♥
me 2

ACTUALLY I have a new trade post >>HERE<<
But you can still contact me via here if you need to!

it's mollie and welcome to heartchu !! *crowd cheering*

care to trade your lay03, mv-flashback10 + member card for my seoinguk16, mv-expectation17 + member card? thanks!

hi precious uwu do you wanna trade your mv-beminejv18 for sandeul01 + membercards ?

Yeaaah I dooo

Should I submit it to your thing??

Hi!~ this is mochi-locket. Was wondering if you'd like to trade your hyuk04 and ken10 for my seoinguk06 and photo-thankuverymuch02 + membercards?

Totally!! And nice to meet you!

Member: Sushi.

tao05, alice10 for my sandeul19, photo-blockbuster09?

Also membercards! Thanks!

Hi sushi! Definitely, here you go~


your hyuk13 for seoinguk01?

Hello ^^

I'm Mirae~ (here my trade post if you wanna check http://mirae.butterfly-rain.net/heartchu.php)

is it ok your jonghyun12 for my hyosung09?
plus member cards? mine is http://mirae.butterfly-rain.net/tcgs/heartchu/cards/mc-Mirae2.png

Hi Mirae I wanted to trade with you! ^^ Here you go~

Edited at 2014-07-25 08:39 pm (UTC)

Hi, this is shuu here!
Can I interest you with for shinminah14?

and if you still have pulls for 20 Jul, may I have a sp-hedwigdongwan01 please? ^^

& mcs too :)

Thanks! ^^

Hey hey~ Thank you so much, here's your cards shuu!!

Hi, it's Aikymin ^^

Would you like my sandeul13, photo-asdollhouse04, photo-asdollhouse13 for your mithra05, siwon01, mv-iwonder12?? And mc?

Please and thank you Aikymin!!

*whispers* you.... you got the goods?

*looks arnd* u were never here

hiiii ~~~

your photo-lovcat16, photo-lovcat02, photo-lovcat18 for my mv-catallena17, mv-shakeitup17 mv-shakeitup20 ~~?

a hundred thousand times yes!!

bro your mv-moya18 for my mv-catallena08


Edited at 2014-08-05 11:32 pm (UTC)

trade trade from lj

trading my: kyung03, mv-singinggotbetter11
for your: sp-sportsboys12, leejongsuk13

Re: trade trade from lj

Edited at 2014-08-10 08:40 pm (UTC)

my ukwon10, mv-nillilimambo05, mv-nillilimambo13, mv-nillilimambo18, photo-devilsholiday09, photo-beautifultarget06, photo-reblue07, mv-freeze02, mv-freeze20, photo-welcometotheblock08, photo-welcometotheblock15, mv-babygoodnight06 for your mv-lonely08, mv-pleasedont01, photo-secretgarden18, kyungil14, mv-lucifer10, minah15, mv-flower02, photo-rainbowsyndrome09, photo-rainbowsyndrome11, photo-rainbowsyndrome14, mv-mamama09, mv-illailla02

*eye emoji*

your: zico06, mv-lonely08, hanbyul15
for my


my- mv-nillilimambo17, mc-icegyu2

for- mv-itsover17, mc-angel2

thanks ^-^